A New Leader for Rainbow Schools

Richard Eberhardt is currently the Program Director for local not-for-profit reThink Green, running the successful business-focused sustainability program Green Economy North. An active volunteer, he is the Chair of the Social Planning Council of Sudbury and involved in many other community initiatives. 

As a devoted father of two young children, Richard believes in being involved with the community that helps them learn and grow. In 2017-2018 he acted as Chair of the Rainbow District School Board’s Parent Involvement Committee, Chair of the Walden Public School council, and coach of the intrepid Under-6 Reds of Walden Minor Soccer. In the 2018 municipal election, he is seeking the Trustee seat for Rainbow Board’s Area 2.

Public education has long been Richard’s main interest. After spending six years as an elementary school teacher, specializing in science, technology, math and music, Richard grew frustrated with the shortfalls of the school environment. He moved on to the political realm where he believed real changes could be made to improve the system.

In 2008 he helped elect the Member of Parliament for Sudbury, and went on to act as his senior constituency officer and community organizer through to the end of 2014. In that time, Richard encountered the breadth of needs which affect the Sudbury community – and found ways to assist those who needed an advocate with the government. The most rewarding time in that role was helping to alleviate the burden of crushing poverty by guiding constituents, often single parents, through complex government systems to access the benefits they deserved.

Finding his way to leadership in partisan politics, Richard has served in a variety of national, provincial and regional roles, building his communication and collaboration skills. Organizing and managing political campaigns remains one of Richard’s favourite pastimes.

While political organizing is an end in itself, it remains important to Richard that his skills and time be used to help the community. He has served in leadership roles in several boards and organizations, including Geode, reThink Green, Volunteer Sudbury, and most recently as the Chair of the Social Planning Council of Sudbury.

He enjoys, in moderation, the exhilarating outdoors of Northeastern Ontario, the wonders of music – Richard is an enthusiastically amateur guitarist – and filling in the gaps with friends and family in coffee shops and on local patios.



Current Roles:

  • Program Director, reThink Green
  • Chair, Social Planning Council of Sudbury
  • Acting Chair, Parent Involvement Committee, RDSB


  • Classroom Teacher - Primary / Junior / Intermediate 02-08
  • Constituency Officer, MP for Sudbury 08-14
  • Various Boards and Organizations

Staying Focused on What's Important

I'm running to provide New Leadership to the Rainbow District School Board. In a time when we need to be completely focused on defending and building the role of public education, I worry that our board is distracted with issues which aren't important to parents, students, or staff. Its time to elect leadership which will focus on what's important.

Here's what's important to me:

Being A Parent

"Raising our two children Reese and Rowan is the most important thing I will ever do. I want to ensure that they - and their peers - receive the best education possible.  That will mean standing up and defending our system." 

Richard has been active as a parent volunteer in school, acting as chair of school council and chairing the RDSB's Parent Involvement Committee. He played a major role on the organizing committee for the well attended RDSB Parent Conference.

Building Our Community

"As a social democrat I believe strongly in the power of neighbors and colleagues working together to solve problems. We build a stronger and better society when we collaborate. That's why building our community needs leadership, and why its important to me."

Volunteering for organizations large and small has been part of Richard's day-to-day life since moving to Sudbury in 2005. Serving on, and chairing, not-for-profit boards of directors, helping to initiate and organize community events and activities, coaching and co-ordinating other volunteers. These are some of the activities Richard has participated in. He is currently the Chair of the Social Planning Council of Sudbry.

Defending Public Education

"Public education is no less than the engine of our social and economic future. From my time as a classroom teacher, through careers in politics and not-for-profit management, and now as a parent of school-aged children, I continue to find new appreciation for the vital role schools play."

Richard graduated with a B.Ed from Queens University in 2002. He taught in primary, junior and intermediate classrooms in the Dufferin-Peel Catholic system and in Rainbow Schools before moving full time to the political world as staff to the Member of Parliament for Sudbury from 2008-2014.

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