The Rainbow District School Board strives for high-quality education, but does it learn from its own mistakes? A lack of community engagement, concerns about transparency, and a negative tone are distracting from the good work it could be accomplishing.  Its clear the Board "Needs Improvement," and New Leadership.

Engaging Our Community

Are we engaging our diverse community effectively? As the largest school board in Northern Ontario, the RDSB community includes thousands of students across 42 schools, parents, grandparents and caregivers, and hundreds of staff.  It is one of our city's largest employers.

My experience at Board meetings, and chairing our Parent Involvement Committee makes me believe the dialogue is limited, and little feedback comes through our schools to help us plan and deliver an educational experience that serves all needs.

The Rainbow Board is not taking advantage of modern tools to connect, engage, and seek input. Its time to explore new opportunities to establish an ongoing dialogue, and gather rich feedback from parents, students and staff.

Transparent Decision-making

Making decisions openly and transparently is important to ensure community buy-in and fostering collaboration and engagement. The Rainbow Board can do much more to show transparency and to make its decision-making clear to the community.

Three concrete actions the Board could undertake immediately would include:

Live Stream Board Meetings.

Cut Back on Jargon

Accept Questions from Stakeholders

Read more on the importance of transparency in my issue note:

Setting a Positive Tone

Rainbow Schools are proud to champion character education and the importance of instilling values of cooperation and respect in their students. Some very public battles throughout the Board's last term have called into question the board's commitment to the same values, and have taken attention away from quality education and student needs.

It is time for New Leadership which will put collaboration first.

New Leadership, New Ideas

With extensive board experience with local and provincial scope, Richard has lead and supported several successful, collaborative teams.

"The Rainbow Board can improve its dialogue with the community, can be more transparent in its decision-making, and can take seriously its responsibility to set a positive tone for Rainbow Schools. These actions would cost very little, and ensure the board is focused on building a high-quality education system for our students." 

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