Chronic Distractions Drag School Board Focus Away From Student Success: Eberhardt

With days to go to the new school year, the Rainbow District School Board is once again distracted by internal issues. Richard Eberhardt, candidate for Trustee in Area 2, is calling on the Board of Trustees to make student success their one and only focus.

“Allowing internal squabbles to burst out into public controversy is unnecessary, unprofessional, and unhelpful,” said Eberhardt “Rainbow Schools staff, students and their families are all busy getting ready for another school year. The Board of Trustees should be fixed on the same goal, but are instead dealing with petty disagreements at the board table.”
Eberhardt is concerned that important issues are being missed.

“The Board of Trustees has not issued any statement in defense of the revised Health and Physical Education curriculum, nor the government’s attempt to divide parents and teachers with a snitch line. They failed to take the lead on demanding a crosswalk over Hwy 144 in Dowling, to safeguard students at Larchwood Public,” says Eberhardt. “There are urgent topics to be addressed, and despite regular meetings over the summer, their silence is deafening. It seems these personal conflicts are getting in the way of the Board’s work.”

Protests planned by parents at the August 28th board meeting will call on the Board to reinstate a trustee, whose banishment from meetings resulted in extensive media coverage and even interventions in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. This as educational professionals are already busy in their classrooms and the provincial government is putting new pressures on the school system.

Eberhardt is calling on the Trustees to set internal issues aside and focus on running an excellent education system.

“That things have gotten this bad reflects a serious failure of leadership, but its not too late to refocus. Elected trustees should keep their seats. Indefinite trespass orders against parents – and fellow trustee candidates – should be rescinded. These chronic distractions make it harder for the Board to do its work,” said Eberhardt.

“It is clear there is urgent need for New Leadership at Rainbow Schools.”

Richard Eberhardt is a candidate for RDSB Trustee in Area 2, including Levack, Onaping, Dowling, Chelmsford, Azilda and the Donovan areas of Greater Sudbury.

As Program Director of reThink Green, responsible for the Green Economy North program, a former elementary classroom teacher, longtime constituency assistant to the MP for Sudbury, and chair of the Social Planning Council of Sudbury, Richard has a long history of community engagement and leadership, and a true passion for public education.

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