Issue Notes

  • Eberhardt Rallies Municipal Candidates To Pledge Support for Community Schools
    All five candidates in Greater Sudbury’s Ward 4 council election have signed a pledge to stand up for community schools, an initiative of Rainbow Schools Trustee Candidate Richard Eberhardt. “I am proud to join with municipal candidates to ensure we maintain vibrant communities across Area 2 and throughout the City of Greater Sudbury,” said […]
  • Rainbow Board Needs Engagement Plan Built on Respect
    The Rainbow District School Board is missing its opportunity to engage thousands of stakeholders, says Trustee Candidate Richard Eberhardt. The lack of an engagement strategy is putting the system at risk as pressure mounts on school boards. “Engagement is a two-way street,” Eberhardt said.  “Its about making the people who matter to the school […]
  • RDSB has Better Uses for Soccer Dome Million
    SUDBURY – Investing $1.1M in a new shared soccer dome is a luxury the Rainbow District School Board can’t afford, says trustee candidate Richard Eberhardt. “Every available dollar in the School Condition Improvement fund should go to renewing existing infrastructure,” says Eberhardt. “Schools in Area 2 alone need over $35 Million in work […]
  • Overheated Classrooms A Hot Topic; Affect Learning and Health
    Hot schools are a hot topic across the province, and right here in the Rainbow Board as well according to Trustee candidate Richard Eberhardt, a former classroom teacher. “I’ve been there. I know how draining hot classrooms can be on students and staff alike,” says Eberhardt. “Our older schools are vital community and educational infrastructure, […]
  • Chronic Distractions Drag School Board Focus Away From Student Success: Eberhardt
    With days to go to the new school year, the Rainbow District School Board is once again distracted by internal issues. Richard Eberhardt, candidate for Trustee in Area 2, is calling on the Board of Trustees to make student success their one and only focus. “Allowing internal squabbles to burst out into public controversy is unnecessary, […]