Sudbury City Council Candidates Pledge to Support Community Schools

Keeping our community schools open will require creativity and collaboration. Municipal Councillors have an important role to play in the process of accommodation reviews, and supporting their constituents as they express the social and economic importance of those schools. The Supporting Community Schools Pledge, signed by all the candidates in Ward 4 and supported by acclaimed incumbent Gerry Montpellier, confirms the shared committment to keeping schools open.


Text of the Pledge:

Preamble: Community schools are an important part of the City of Greater Sudbury’s neighborhoods. When school closures are under review, it is vital that the social and economic impact to the community are considered, and the voices of residents are heard.

Pledge: As Councillor I pledge to participate in school board accommodation review processes when they impact schools in my ward. I will support constituents in their efforts to engage in the process and express the social and economic impact of closing community schools.

Candidates: Sign the pledge - email to sign on!

Council Candidate Signatories:

Ward 4:

Geoff McCausland / Jessica Crawford Bertrand / Eric Lachance / Don Roy / Sharon Scott


*Acclaimed incumbent Gerry Montpellier is supportive of the Pledge and points to his record of participating in the accommodation review process as a reflection of his ongoing committment to community schools.