RDSB has Better Uses for Soccer Dome Million

SUDBURY – Investing $1.1M in a new shared soccer dome is a luxury the Rainbow District School Board can’t afford, says trustee candidate Richard Eberhardt.

“Every available dollar in the School Condition Improvement fund should go to renewing existing infrastructure,” says Eberhardt. “Schools in Area 2 alone need over $35 Million in work over the next five years, and that number continues to grow.”

Eberhardt, who is committed to reviewing the Board’s participation in the soccer dome project, is skeptical about the project’s viability.

“The proponents need both municipal and provincial backing. With municipal incumbents and candidates alike expressing concern, and a new provincial government in place, those commitments are in doubt,” he says. “It’s a worthy project in a time when funds are flowing, but there are real needs in our existing buildings which must come first.”

Mounting maintenance costs are identified in the Board’s periodic Long-Term Capital Data reports. Capital expenditures needed for the six schools in Area 2 of the board, which includes Levack, Onaping, Dowling, Chelmsford, Azilda and the Donovan areas of Greater Sudbury, have increased by $3M from 2016 to 2018.

Repair estimates include a wide variety of practical improvements from exterior work to plumbing and heating systems. With the cancellation of promised energy retrofit cash from the provincial government, priority should be given to projects which improve operating efficiency and reduce overall costs, Eberhardt says.

“We have a responsibility to maintain community schools, in Area 2 and throughout the Board. Capital investments should be dedicated to keeping schools open,” Eberhardt says.

For more information: 705 562-1239 // trustee@richardeberhardt.ca // www.richardeberhardt.ca

Richard Eberhardt is a candidate for RDSB Trustee in Area 2, including Levack, Onaping, Dowling, Chelmsford, Azilda and the Donovan areas of Greater Sudbury.
Program Director of reThink Green, a former elementary classroom teacher, longtime constituency officer to the MP for Sudbury, and chair of the Social Planning Council of Sudbury, Richard has a long history of community engagement and leadership, and a true passion for public education.

Contact Richard Eberhardt:
(705) 562-1239

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